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Michael Lews is a Nashville based 
artist who also composes and produces
music for film/TV, radio and commercial libraries.  
His music is being played across the U.S. and in no 
less than a dozen countries worldwide.  
Usage includes major networks such as ABC, NBC,
the Fox Sports Network and major cable networks.
His production library projects have remained high
on the list of most requested projects in the
One Music/First Com production library.
Rates and turnaround times are quoted on a per-
project basis.  Email us for more info.

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Fresh, dramatic compositions, full of energy and real instrumentation. Feel the difference!

  If you are involved in commercial, television or post production, you need to check these projects out! High energy, real musicians, real instruments, incredible musical performances and a fresh departure from the norm!

Available through the distributors listed below.

"Hot Wired" 
Catalog #OMCJ008L
from the One Music Library
is currently distributed   
by FirstCom Music.


Hot Wired

High Energy, dramatic contemporary jazz and blues project. These songs are available exclusively for the use of commercial production. Music from this project have aired in countries around the world and in the US on many major networks.

"Pop Jazz Christmas"
Catalog #OMPOP023L
from the One Music Library
is currently distributed  
by FirstCom Music.

Pop Jazz Christmas

Released in 2000, creative original reharmonizations of classic Christmas hymns -- edited for commercial use. Michael's exciting guitar worked is framed by the outstanding rhythm section of session masters Brian Fullen (drums) and Chris Kent (bass). A smooth jazz version of this album is also available for purchase online: "A Very Cool Christmas."


  Yea, we do that.
Bidwell Training Center Pittsburgh, PA
Sample#2 Monarch Mortgage Cincinnati, OH

Sample #3

 Safe And Secure Garage Door Co. San Diego, CA

Sample #4

 Pat Duke and Michael Lewis / Featuring the Duke/Lewis Choir 

*  Turner's Fine Furniture "Kick Back, Get Comfortable," Florida - 2002
*  Bidwell Technical Center "Invest Your Mind, Not Your Money" Vocational School, Pittsburgh, PA - 2002
*  Safe And Secure "Open 'em up and Close 'em down" Garage Door company, San Diego, CA - 2002
*  Market Image Inc. - Image Agency, Nashville, TN - 2001
*  Monarch Mortgage "We're Here For You," Cincinnatti, OH - 2001
*  Tribute to Bruce Matthews "Iron Man of the NFL" - Thomas Mills, Batam Records, Shelbyville, TN - 2001
*  Pop/Jazz Christmas - One Music/First Com, Nashville, TN - 2000 
*  Tribute to the NFL Tennessee Titans "A Roar in Adelphia" - Thomas Mills, Batam Records, Shelbyville, TN - 2000
*  Michael Lewis "Hot Wired" Production Library - 1997 CD (One Music)
*  Linda Jack Talent -- Chicago, IL -- voiceovers with Pat Duke - 1997-2000
    Clients Include -- Kraft, John Deere, Ford, LA Care, Baptist Hospital, Bob Evans, Nabisco Wheat Thins,
    Harlan and JB spots, General Mills Cinnamon Toast crunch, Spring Air Mattress, Blue Cross/Blue Shield .
*  Pat Duke jingle productions -- McDonalds, 1999.
*  Catholic Answers Radio -- San Diego, CA, 1998.
*  Voiceovers with Mark Maybury, 1998 - Spots included: Gortons Fish, Princess Cruises, Jello No-Bake, 
    Toys R Us, Debeers Diamond Jewelers, Roth IRA, Nexxus, Mitusbishi Eclipse, Pay-Per-View Television, Direct TV, 
    OZ on HBO, Spicy City, York Peppermint Patties.
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