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Michael Lewis to Perform in Mexico

Michael has just been chosen (among many applicants) to be a featured performer at the International Guitar Festival, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico which runs from March 26 to April 2nd, 2006. Michael will be performing acoustic instrumental pieces solo with a Taylor acoustic guitar. Michael is an endorsed artist on the Taylor roster.

For info on the festival, visit: www.zihuafest.info
RWM Promotions
Nashville, TN

Buzz Report
Michael Lewis to be featured on the Song and Film Buzz Report "Your song "Sweeter Love" was very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Bro's."
Josh Zandman
Michael Lewis' song "The View From Here Is Cool" airing on adult contemporary stations natiowide.
Your song "The View From Here Is Cool" will be included in our Fall 2005 Pop / Rock compilation CD.

Valerie Johnson, CEO
Michael Lewis Featured On Buzz Music Radio: "Your song has just been added to the Buzz Music – Internet Radio "Soothing Sounds of Sunday" playlist." The link to it is http://www.buzzmusic.blogs.com. The link to the station itself is:

Kind Regards,
Andrea Hubbert
Buzz Music – Internet Radio
Michael Lewis Featured three times on the "No Idle Frets" Jazz guitar podcasts:
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Michael Lewis is also being aired on the following internet stations, some of which have FM feeds as well:
104.7 FM iRadio Los Angeles
Band Radio.com:
"I think you sound great, and I would love to get you in rotation."

Travis George, A&R Manager
BZoO HomeGrown Radio
Featured artist on Musicplaces.com
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A Very Cool Christmas - Album Review
Tennessee Jazz And Blues Society, 2002
The title says it all. This is a very cool album for those of us who are into smooth jazz. Make no mistake about it; Michael Lewis is one talented man. Inlcuded on the package is Chris Kent on bass (Grammy Award winning bassist for Larry Carlton) and Brian Fullen on drums and percussion. They open with a medley of Christmas songs that get us into the mood to hear more. The second cut, "O Come All Ye Faithful" is a unique, yet powerful arrangement of the song we all know so well. "Early Chrismas Morning" is a very interesting treat. Following next is "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." The track is solid and the electric guitar solo is very good. "Do You Hear What I hear" is very interesting -- this evergreen offering really swings while being laid back. good choice and good playing. The final cut, "Awaken the Desert" is, to me, a bonus cut. It doesn't really smack of holiday music, but it is really nice to listen to. It has the groove going that we'd like to hear more of."
"I received your "Very Cool Christmas" CD ­ it's fantastic! I ran this CD "up front" (as one of the first couple of songs on the show) every week until the week after New Year's. It's still on my playlist ­ I can't get enough of it! I think I will be playing Early Christmas Morning year round... Man, you've got flavor!!! I praise God for your ministry and am thrilled to know you."

Michael Canaan LOG Communications,
Charlotte, NC

Michael Lewis
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Listener Song Reviews
The View From Here is Cool
An incredible talent... Michael is in my view one of the most talented performers on this site. This track has a great feel to it. A really tight rhythm section, cool vocals and Michael's distinctive guitar. Have a listen.....I can vouch that the rest of the CD that he has available is hot too. 10/27/2005
Cool is the word my man! Excellent production and sterling vocals drive this hook laden pop tune destined to be a classic. Very accessable and likeable sound to the vocalist's voice. Very tight drums and guitar work as well Tasty track indeed! Kudos! 10/27/2005
Good Job! Good Production, Good Music, Original Sound, Excellent Vocals... Excellent Artist, Also Good Theme And Lyrics... An Overall Pro Piece of Material ! 10/28/2005
Great song! Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages to reaffirm the joy of living. with all the negativity out there, it's nice to hear song to make us realize how lucky we are to wake up and have God smiling down on us. 12/4/2005
Michael, Absolutly superb. I had not heard your music before now. I am realy enjoying your stuff. 1st class production, and love your voice. 11/30/2005
Trade you my van for your guitar...
I wish there were more songwriters as good as you and with your faith. excellent all the way. -Loren 10/27/2005
More! ...The sonic quality is great! I love it! 1/31/2005
More! ...You got me hooked. I want to hear more. Great mix... 1/16/2005
Absolutely big sound....* I like your songs; great performance! 1/12/2005
Nice Tone! I love the guitar tone you have...
the production is very clean and smooth. The mix sounded good as well. Great talent! 1/12/2005
The Sun Still Shines
This one shines like the sun!
Superb production, just superb! Excellent vocal tracks, steady groove, top-notch musicianship and a provocative message of truth. Listen up people, here's a diamond in the rough. We're yearning for more... Thanks for sharing.
Shine On! Man is this not only a great song but the sound of this track is just so perfect. Nice chorus on this song and the singing is beautiful. This is some really good feel music that the world needs more of... The guitar playing and the sound you get is really sweet and heavenly. This is an artist whose future is bright and it's already shining like a new star.
Crystal Clear! I love the crystal clear mix you've got goin' on. Very nice. You have really good talent with the guitar and vocals. I just can't get over your guitar sound, it's so sahweet.
I love this song. It has a great chill- layback vibe. but it also make you want to do things or get things done. great solos and melodies!
...The guitar sound on this one is huge, and the playing was great also. Real nice arrangement, definitely classy... The melody is also catchy.
Still shining! Nice work Michael! You can't go wrong with excellent chops on guitar and that tight rhythm section; very, very tasty. This could easily be played on our local... radio station; easy. Thanks for sharing another mix of a wonderful song.
Nice and Smooth... Great instrumentation and sound quality. Very easy on the ears and interesting groove gets your foot tappin.
You have a big talent for music! Super vocals... harmony-song first class, baby... 10 points for YOU....;--))
Some GREAT sound here! I'm sittin' here just GROOVIN' to this... you've done an EXCELLENT job of playing, as well as some really CRYSTAL CLEAR production! Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar, & I must say, this is one of the sweetest, most groovin', jazz/blues tunes I've listened to in 2005. SUPERB... this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!
Good work, friend. I love good guitar music and seasoned musicianship. You got it down.
BEAUTIFUL TRACK!!!!! Wow, ...great playing, great mix and production! It sounds excellent and there's a huge market for this... Nice playing. Sounds like an excellently produced CD. Good luck.
I like the groove of this tune alot. The changes are nice and effective.... The guitar is slammin'. Good job!
Banging beat with some groovin n funktified guitar work here!!! Very relaxing n soulfull, as well as uplifting to your spirit!!!
Excellent piece---fantastic guitar sound. Tight production, good soloing. Nice tune,
I'm just love'n it! Nice crunchy groove track, just makes you dig it. The guitar sound is so smooth, makes you want to hear more... Keep it up!
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