Michael Lewis Music

Michael Lewis performing with Gibson 335
Taylor Guitars

One of the world's finest manufacturers of acoustic guitars. Michael Lewis uses and recommends Taylor Guitars.

Fuchs Guitar Amps Michael Lewis is a National Rep for Fuchs Guitar Amps. Fuchs amps receive rave reviews from industry pros. Michael publishes "The Tone Zone" a monthly newsletter covering Fuchs and tone tips.
65 Amps Michael Lewis is a National Rep for 65 Amps -- These vintage rock hand-crafted amps are being endorsed by a multitude of major label artists and producers.
Celestion Speakers Michael Lewis uses and recommends Celestion Speakers.
Lava Cable Unbelievable sound is delivered by these custom-manufactured cables. Michael uses and recommends Lava Cables.
One Street Over

Michael Lewis and his
world-class band,
One Street Over

Keeley Electronics Michael Lewis uses and recommends Robert Keeley Electronics FX pedals.
Awesome America Awesome America
Fun Facts, Stunning Photos, and Visitor Information for all 50 states. A family-friendly site.
Mercy Corps International A Money Magazine's top-rated U.S. charity. Mercy Corps is a relief and development organization that works worldwide in "hot spots" created by natural and political disasters. They operate on an incredibly low overhead.
Music Industry News Network Hunger Site Every time you click this button, corporate sponsors donate food for the hungry.
Elixir Strings Voted the #1 string 3 years in a row by Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Players Choice Awards.
Play Jazz Guitar
Nashville Jazz Workshop The Nashville Jazz Workshop founded and directed by Roger Spencer and Lori Mechem. Michael Lewis has performed with their Pat Matheny, John Scofield, Brecker Brothers and Brazilian ensembles. 615-242-JAZZ
Tales of Middle Earth Tales of Middle Earth features E-books and Art in the style of J.R. R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" Advent One Graphics

Advent One Graphics
Software Development and Affordable websites for Artists and Small Business

The Royal Tailor The Royal Tailor presents Doll Repainting and custom 16" doll fashions in the style of Star Wars
and Lord of the Rings
Guitar Site One of the most up-to-date sources on the net for guitarists and guitar lovers and is updated daily.
Michael Lewis of NFL Eagles Congratulations to Michael Lewis (Safety #32) and the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the NFC Championship and for making his first Pro-Bowl appearance in 2005. His website has featured a music bed by Michael Lewis Music. Star Trek Guide PhpBB Academy at Star Trek Guide.
A programmer's guide to PhpBB3.

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