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Heart Strings Blue Street A Very Cool Christmas

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Heart Strings Blue Street Cool Christmas
River of God Discovery The Vision
River of God Discovery The Vision
Praise Christian
Heart Strings Pop / Smooth Jazz • Vocals

Heart Strings

Coming Soon! An exciting new project that will make you laugh and make you cry. Heartfelt love songs, reflections on life, some rock, some blues and Michael's humorous perspectives on the world, woven together into this masterful work. 

This brand new recording features Michael's expressive vocals and masterful guitar playing, supported by his Grammy award winning rhythm section with Brian Fullen on drums and Chris Kent on bass.

Master guitarist, Phil Keaggy, appears as a special guest on "No Eye Has Seen". Plus a song co-written with John Mayer -- "Beyond the Curve". 

  Fair Weather Friend  
Falling for You  
  Nothing on Earth Comes Close  
Fresh Perspective  
  Walk in the Rain  
Sky Blue  
  Some People Walk  
  What My Heart Has to Say  
  No Eye Has Seen (w/Phil Keaggy)  
Beyond the Curve  
If It Ain't Broke  
Available Later in 2007 n   Tin Man  
Fresh Perspective If It Ain't Broke
"Michael, sounds great! Cool sounding loops, great groove, great composition,
killer guitar tone. I like the tune a lot. Can I have it to put on my CD?"
-Tom Hemby,
Grammy & Dove Award Winner / Guitarist, Producer & Songwriter
"WOW Michael, great song!! You never
cease to surprise and amaze me."
Ed Alves
Exec. Vice President, Timberline Guitars
Blue Street Smooth Jazz / Blues (mostly instrumental)

Blue Street

All instrumental except for Fly Me to the Moon with guest vocalist, Bridgette Lewis.

No Eye Has Seen features guitar virtuoso, Phil Keaggy.

New Release for the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival... Michael is joined by Brian Fullen and Brice Williams on drums, Linnie Yarbrough on saxophone...

Pre-Release Version includes:
The Sun Still Shines, Sweeter Love, The Prayer, Beyond the Curve, The Witness, Peanut Butter, Early Christmas Morning, The View from Here is Cool, Run and Hide, The Sun Still Shines (vox), Sugar Maple Copters, Awaken the Desert.
Final Version coming later in 2007
Blue Street is currently available as a Pre-Release edition only. The Final Version is approximately 65% completed as of 12/01/06. Due to some exciting developments in Michael's careeer (which we will be announcing soon), Michael is having to work on his new vocal project; Heart Strings. Both albums are in production with release dates expected in late '07.


The Sun Still Shines  
  Peanut Butter  
The Witness  
  The Prayer  
Harbor Lights  
  No Eye Has Seen  
Run and Hide  
Add to Cart   Baja Winds  
Fly Me to the Moon  
  One Eleven Blue Street  
  Honey Butter Strut  
Power Lines  
  Mountains of Sangre de Cristo  
Power Lines Power Lines
"I absolutely love the Bass-to-the-limit and all the use of effects... First class guitar passion. One of those Instrumentals I need to brighten my day!"
"This is sensational. Absolutely exquisite guitar playing. Magnificent tone and slippery runs all done with passion and beauty."
-Brian Ralston, Sydney, Australia

"Another really great song. Your playing is fantastic. The 335 has such a killer tone. Really funky for smooth jazz." -Daniel Lombardi

A Very Cool Christmas Contemporary Smooth Jazz • All Instrumental

A Very Cool Christmas

Heartwarming, smooth-jazz arrangements of traditional carols. The project also includes two original songs (written by Michael) to refelect the Christmas season. This album is becoming very popular and many people have said they listen to it all year long.

Michael's smooth and tasty guitar work is featured throughout, along with some impressive performances on the piano and keyboards. The foundation for the project includes Michael's Grammy-Award winning team of musicians: Chris Kent on the bass (Larry Carlton, Take 6...) and Brian Fullen (Peter Frampton, Tracy Nelson) on drums and percussion.

  Carol of Bells / Three Ships  
MP3 Do You Hear What I Hear?  
MP3 Early Christmas Morning  
MP3 O Holy Night  
MP3 Silent Night  
MP3 O Come All Ye Faithful  
MP3 The First Noel  
MP3 O Little Town of Bethlehem  
MP3 Angels We have Heard on High  
Add to Cart MP3 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing  
MP3 Awaken the Desert  
Early Chistmas Morning
"BEAUTIFUL TRACK!!!!! Wow, great Smooth Jazz track with great playing, mix and production."
-DiCarlo, Berlin, Germany
"Great playing and good production make his projects among the best I've heard." Ed Kee - Director of A&R for Brentwood Jazz. "...your "Very Cool Christmas" CD is fantastic!"
- Michael Canaan L.O.G. Communications
"You play some of the best jazz guitar on the planet (straight up)! Great composition (haven't heard anything from you I don't like)!" -Dreamer
River of God Contemporary Jazz • All Instrumental

River of God

Experience the power and drama of River Of God as it takes you through a journey filled with instrumental soundscapes. From tiny droplets melting off the windswept peaks of a mountaintop, to reflective waters, and the thrill of the white water rapids.

Clark Bondy (sax), Gary Hemenway (piano) and Brian Brickley (drums) join Michael for this artistic masterpiece of all original contemporary jazz fusion.

Mountain Spring I  
Mountain Spring II  
River of God  
Crystal Cascades  
Spray Mist  
Shoreline Cedars  
Living Water  
Add to Cart  
Album Review

"What a delightful surprise to find your recording River of God for sale at a local bookstore. I listened to about 30 seconds of a demo tape and quickly bought it. It is so refreshing..." -- Gordon & Pamela Anderson, Portland, OR

Discovery CCM • Contemporary Pop


Masterful performances on the guitar and Michael's signature vocal sound. Michael is joined by Grammy Award winning bassist, Chris Kent, and master session drummer, Brian Fullen -- both long time friends and collaborators. Virtuoso bassist John Billings also makes an appearance on the project.

The View from Here is Cool  
The Sun Still Shines  
  Sweeter Love  
  River of Love  
Take Away the Stone  
Sunday Afternoon  
Lord You Reign  
Pray for Me  
Every Star that Shines  
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The Sun Still Shines The Sun Still Shines The View from Here is Cool

"Superb production, just superb! Excellent vocal tracks, steady groove, top-notch musicianship and a provocative message of truth." -Texas Jeff

"Another jazzy uplifting tune from a very talented artist. Kind of a Pat Metheny feel to the guitar work here. Great job!"-Brian Ralston, Sydney, Australia

"Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar, & I must say, this is one of the sweetest, most groovin', jazz/blues tunes I've listened to in 2005. SUPERB!" -Dick Metcalf, Olympia, WA

"Man is this not only a great song but the sound of this track is just so perfect. Nice chorus on this song and the singing is beautiful. This is some really good feel music that the world needs more of. And then that sax comes in and the goosepipples just run all over your body. The guitar playing and the sound you get is really sweet and heavenly." -Guy Michetti, New York City

"Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages to reaffirm the joy of living." -Bernhard Tieff

"Cool is the word my man! Excellent production and sterling vocals drive this hook laden pop tune destined to be a classic. Tasty track indeed! Kudos!" -Aaron David Bradley

Sweeter Love
"Your song Sweeter Love was very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers." -Josh Zandman, Song & Film
The Vision CCM • Jazz Fusion

The Vision

Exciting productions, fabulous saxophone work by Clark Bondy of Portland, Oregon and Michael's Intense guitar work throughout. Guests include Gary Hemenway on keys, Grammy-award winner bassist, Chris Kent, Wendy Talbot, Georgene Rice and Levonna Zeller-Williams on background vocals.

The Vision  
Come Let Us Worship  
Jesus Hear My Prayer  
Sacred Heart  
Can You Hear It?  
Say the Word  
We are the Reason Jesus Came  
Add to Cart   We Adore You  

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