DISCOVERY• Michael Lewis • CCM Contemporary Pop

Deep spiritual insight mixed with masterful performances on the guitar and Michael's signature vocal sound. Michael is joined by Grammy Award winning bassist, Chris Kent, and master session drummer, Brian Fullen -- both long time friends and collaborators. Virtuoso bassist John Billings also makes an appearance on the project.

Songs include Michael's popular praise song Lord You Reign, the story of his conversion in Pray For Me, The Witness -- a song Michael dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the powerful ballad about the Emmaus Road -- Sunday Afternoon. Take Away The Stone is a rockin' praise song combining the story of Lazarus with Psalm 30. The View From Here Is Cool, The Sun Still Shines and Every Star are upbeat songs, each built around a solid groove, offering encouragment for living.

  Take Away The Stone
  Sunday Afternoon
  Lord You Reign
  Pray For Me
MP3 The View From Here Is Cool
MP3 The Sun Still Shines
MP3 Sweeter Love
MP3 River Of Love
MP3 Every Star
  The Witness
EL SHADDAI • Michael Lewis • CCM - Contemporary Praise & Worship

A collection of longtime favorites with all new, original arrangements. This album takes you to the heart of Christian tradition with songs from Old Testament teachings with traditional Jewish-style songs overlayed with amazing flamenco guitar work and modern grooves. This album will take you from dancing in the outer court to worshiping before the throne! Michael Lewis on vocals and instrumentation -- working with world class drummer, Brian Fullen. Currently available as a limited edition pre-release.

REVIEW: I've been playing your "El Shaddai" CD in my office all day, and can't stop playing it! Everytime it stops, I start it one more time and tell myself that I'll only play it one more time... then I keep playing it over and over! -- Cheryl Waylen, Pastor's Secretary - Brewer, ME

  He's Alive
MP3 El Shaddai
MP3 On Eagles Wings
  Mary Did You Know?
  Holy is His Name
MP3 Giving Everything
  Let the Fire Fall
  Elohim Adonai
  The Mighty One of Israel
MP3 Our Father
  We Exalt You
  We Adore You
PRAISE• Michael Lewis • Contemporary Praise & Worship

A collection of original Praise and Worship songs written and produced by Michael Lewis. Uplifting, great for personal prayer or congregational praise and worship. The acoustic guitar is the focal point of the instrumentation with lush background vocals. Some songs, such as Come to Life feature a Latin flavor with a "live" flugel horn section and percussion.
MP3 No Other One
  Desire of My Heart
  Live for You
  You are Holy
  Enter In
MP3 Giving Everything
  Come to Life • Lift Up the Lord
  We Praise You Lord
  Come Let Us Sing
  My Spirit Rejoices
  We Exalt You
  We Adore You
The Vision • Michael Lewis • CCM - Contemporary R&B / Jazz-Fusion

This album calls Christians to embrace a life of genuine discipleship. Lyrics were inspired by the ancient writings of the desert fathers and the holy Scriptures. Features exciting productions, fabulous saxophone work by Clark Bondy of Portland, Oregon and Michael's Intense guitar work throughout. Guests include Gary Hemenway on keys, Chris Kent on bass,Wendy Talbot, Georgene Rice and Levonna Zeller-Williams on background vocals.
MP3 The Vision
  Come Let Us Worship
  Jesus Hear My Prayer
  Sacred Heart
  Can You Hear It?
  Say the Word
  We are the Reason Jesus Came
  Oil of Obedience
  We Adore You
DON'T HOLD BACK • Michael Lewis & Friends • CCM Pop/Rock

Songs that will inspire you to know and follow Jesus. Michael Lewis is joined by guest vocalists - Youth ministers Calvin Bontrager & Mark DeYmaz. Co-written, produced and recorded by Michael Lewis.

Michael Lewis: background vocals, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, drum programming, engineering & mixing. Calvin Bontrager-lead vocals. Mark DeYmaz-lead & background vocals. Scott Armas: drums Clark Bondy: saxophone. Sean McCoy: flügel horn. Theresa Knight-McCoy: percussion. Background Vocalists: Lori DiGiambatista, Jay St. John, Theresa Snider, Kacy Cochran

MP3 Know U More
  Don't Hold Back
  Be His Witness
  Reason 2 Live
  Servant's Heart
MP3 2-2-12
  Lay it All at His Feet
  Running Out of Time
  The Reason Why
  When will People Listen?
  Baby's Song
  Don't Hold Back (dance mix)
  Heavenly Love
A VERY COOL CHRISTMAS • Michael Lewis • All Instrumental - Contemporary Smooth Jazz

Heartwarming, cool smooth-jazz arrangements of traditional carols honoring the birth of Jesus. Michael includes two original instrumentals written to refelect the Christmas season. This album is becoming very popular and many people have said they listen to it all year long. Featuring Michael's all-star session players - Grammy-Award winning Chris Kent on the bass (Larry Carlton, Take 6...), and Brian Fullen on drums and percussion (Brian has played with Peter Frampton, Bob Carlisle...). Michael is featured on guitar and keyboards.

REVIEWS: "Michael Lewis' album "A Very Cool Christmas" is a joy to listen to, both for its content and musicianship." -- Ed Alves, Vice President of Marketing, Taylor Guitars

"I received your Very Cool Christmas CD ­ it's fantastic! I ran this CD "up front" (as one of the first couple of songs on the show) every week until the week after New Year's. It's still on my playlist ­ I can't get enough of it! I think I will be playing Early Christmas Morning year round... Man, you've got flavor!!! I praise God for your ministry and am thrilled to know you." -- Michael Canaan - Lion of God Communications, Charlotte, NC

"Your Christmas album is fabulous!!!" -- Rosemary Tomy, Tucson, AZ

MP3 Early Christmas Morning
MP3 O Holy Night
MP3 Silent Night
MP3 O Come All Ye Faithful
MP3 Carol of Bells/Three Ships
MP3 Do You Hear What I Hear?
MP3 The First Noel
MP3 O Little Town of Bethlehem
MP3 Angels We Have Heard on High
MP3 Hark! Herald Angels Sing
MP3 Awaken the Desert
RIVER OF GOD • Michael Lewis • Instrumental Contemporary Jazz

Experience the power and drama of River Of God as it takes you through a journey filled with instrumental soundscapes. From tiny droplets melting off the windswept peaks of a mountaintop, to reflective waters, and the thrill of the white water rapids. Clark Bondy (sax), Gary Hemenway (piano) and Brian Brickley (drums) join Michael for this artistic masterpiece of all original contemporary jazz fusion.

REVIEW: "What a delightful surprise to find your recording River of God for sale at a local Christian bookstore. I listened to about 30 seconds of a demo tape and quickly bought it. It is so refreshing to know that Christians are producing and releasing quality contemporary instrumental music. Thank you for letting God use your gifts to glorify him and for sharing your beautiful music with the body." Gordon & Pamela Anderson, Portland, OR

  Mountain Spring I
  Mountain Spring II
MP3 River of God
  Crystal Cascades
  Spray Mist
  Shoreline Cedars
  Living Water
MP3 Journey to the Sea
AUTUMN ROAD • Music Video - Michael Lewis in concert - CCM and Instrumental

This enjoyable video sas filmed during Michael's 2002 concerts from Maine to Florida. Includes vocal tunes, instrumentals, excerpts from his talks encouraging us to make Jesus the center of our lives, plus humorous moments and more!



MP3 Our Father
  Pray for Me
MP3 The Vision
  Jesus Hear My Prayer
MP3 No Other One
MP3 Awaken the Desert
MP3 Early Christmas Morning
  On Eagles Wings
  Mary Did You Know?
  Humorous Moments
Vision & Courage • Michael Lewis • (teaching video - Colossians 3)
Vision and Courage -- an inspired teaching presented at the Diocese of Worchester Day of Praise and Renewal in 2002.

Based on Colossians 3, this talk is great for bible study groups, prayer groups, or for personal inspiration. It begins with an hilarious lesson in how to pronounce "Worcester" as the locals do ­ and goes on to help you discover the vision God has for your life ­ encouraging you to pursue your call and overcome any fear or hesitancy that may be holding you back.



Discipleship Series: Intermediate
(approx. 60 minutes)

HOT-WIRED• Michael Lewis • Rock/Jazz

Available through First Com Music (commercial music library)

High Energy, contemporary jazz project. Songs from this album have aired in several countries around the world and in the U.S. on ABC, Fox Sports News, and more.

To hear MP3 samples, Click on the Album Cover.

POP-JAZZ CHRISTMAS • Michael Lewis • Pop/Jazz

Available through First Com Music (commercial music library)

Creative original reharmonizations of classic Christmas hymns ­ Michael's exciting guitar worked is framed by the outstanding rhythm section of session masters Brian Fullen (drums) and grammy award winning bassist, Chris Kent.

To hear MP3 samples, Click on the Album Cover.