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Fuchs Technology Guitar Amplifiers




Fuchs amp top left Fuchs amp top right
Fuchs amp bottom left Fuchs amp bottom right


Click on links to get full description and see photos. Some items have additional photos -- click on the photos to see more. New and used pro audio, studio equipment and musical instruments. UPDATED FOR DECEMBER 2005!! BIG SALE GOING STILL GOING ON!!! (pickin's are gettin' slim, so if you see something you want, better get it....)
* FUCHS AMPS New! Awesome Custom Amps. Many models in stock now!! Contact for Prices

* FUCHS AMPS -- ODS 30 112 combo with hand tuning now in stock! We also have an ODS 30 W/ 212 cab -- floor demos now available Contact for Prices

* Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp for guitar (includes Michael's custom hand tweaked presets -- years in the making!!) Like new condition. Sold
* Mesa Boogie Triaxis PRESETS These presets were programmed by session guitarist Michael Lewis over a ten year period and sound awesome!! Download $99.00

* Taylor 814-CE-L12003 814ce-L1 Brazilian Rosewood Fall Limited Edition series guitar. List price to get a stock one is $6000. and the Limited Edition is more valuable. They only do these in limited runs (about 400) and they do not repeat them. This is a rare and wonderful instrument! One owner, came straight from the factory, never in a store. Played and cared for by a professional musician who does not play in smokey venues.$3350.00

* Taylor 814-CE-L10 Brand New 2005 Limited Edition model - with Taylor Expression System electronics!!! Cocobolo body with a Sitka Spruce top and wood binding -- this one is stunning! There was a very limited number (about 450) of these made last year and I'd love to keep this one, but it doesn't appear that I can afford to. My loss, your gain $3350.00

* Washburn C64-CE Classical Acoustic/Electric Guitar w/nice case $300

* Gibson Les Paul Standard (faded) -- Sold Email if Honey Burst -- looks really sharp! Burst Bucker Pro pickups, AA Flame Maple top, Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood fret board, 60's fast profile neck (my personal favorite.) This one has been completely set up, neck, bridge and action adjusted and ready to play (unlike the ones you find at the store) loaded with a set of Elixir strings. Gibson hardshell case included.

* Carlos Robelli Electric Guitar -- New! Comes with a gig bag $95.00 Really nice guitar!

* Carlos Robelli Acoustic Guitar -- New! Model # W-4110 dreadnaught. New in the box Lists for $129.00! This one is 50% off! $65.00
* Yamaha SBG 3000 Electric guitar w/case, collectors item SOLD
* Taylor 814-bce 2000 model. Amazing and rare acoustic guitar!!! SOLD
* Danelectro Psycho Flange Really Thick Flange sound $39.
* Danelectro Shift Daddy (Echo-Pitch Shifter) Get that Racey sound $35
* Roland D-50 w/wooden case SOLD
* 5-Space Anvil style rack - Blue $75.00 -- Reduced $60
* 4-Space Anvil style rack - Grey $60.00 -- Reduced $50

Here's some items we're looking for: Wireless headset Mic, Apogee Rosetta 200 converter, Digidesign Pro Tools HD, Effects and guitar pedals, Mic Preamps, compressors, Roland D-70, speaker cabinets for guitar amps, Gibson Guitars, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Fender Guitars (American) and more...

* Electra Voice EV S100 100 watt rated PA speakers--SOLD
* Electra Voice EV SX300 300 watt rated PA speakers SOLD
* Focusrite ISA 220 Mic Pre/Compressor/EQ w/Digital Card. Like new condition. $1500.00 (lists for $2520. w/the card - Sweetwater sells it for $1974. )
*Avalon VT737sm /Preamp/Compressor/EQ Excellent condition. $1400.00 (http://www.mercenary.com/vtspecmered.html)

* Ramsa / Panasonic WR-DA7 digital mixer /One of the best digital mixers in it's class -- better than the Yamaha 02R ! sold . mixer and 3 optional ADAT cards. Prepal says this is worth $1600+ used and that's not including the cards! Excellent condition / works perfectly. This console is the choice of many top engineers and producers world wide. Bullet proof operating system, good tech support and online users group.

* Focusrite Platinum Penta Mic Pre/Compressor Great condition. The mic pre itself still works perfectly and sounds wonderful, very clean.The optional digital output card is not working. Sold

* TLA Audio Tube Preamp - dual valve mic pre. also serves as a tube direct box. Great sound! Just back from being tuned up by a tech Sold

* AKG condensor mic C451EB , vintage 1985 . Sold
* AKG condensor mic C1000 mic. $100.00
* Neumann U87 Microphone Vintage 1985! Includes shock mount. Sold
*Vintage Sennheiser MD421 mics (2) purchased new in 1985 light to medium usage. Sold
* UREI 7110 Compressor/Limiter Quality piece SOLD
* Roland SDE 2500 Digital Delay. Vintage, quality piece $189.00
*Intellifex Effectron II ADM 1024 Digital Delay. Vintage quality piece $189.00
*TC Electronics M300 effects processor Great sounding reverbs, analog and digital i/o's. Excellent Sold

*Mackie 1604 w/mic expander -- 16 mic inputs $325.00 Recently repaired and tuned up -- works perfect!

*Mackie 1402VLZ -- works great $275.00
* MOTU Midi Timepiece AV -- (Serial) $250.00 Reduced! $175
* MOTU Digital Timepiece Digital Word Clock / studio synchronizer. A must have for all digital recording studios -- $350.00
* WAVES TDM BUNDLE a comlete set of Waves plug ins for Digidesign Pro Tools, RTAS or MOTU Digital Performer -- $400.
* Powerbook G4 Titanium 15" screen 667 mhz/ 512/40, Combo Drive $849.00  $724.99  Click Here for Details
* Powerbook G4 Titanium 15" screen 867 mhz/ 512/40, Combo Drive $949.00  $824.99  Click Here for Details
* Powerbook G4 Titanium 15" screen 1ghz 512/60, Superdrive!! Airport card installed SOLD,
* Powerbook G4 Titanium 15" screen 500 mhz/ 512/20, DVD/CD $749.00  $624.99 Blow0ut!
* G4 Desktop Dual 500 mhz 512/60, Superdrive! Packaged with an Audiomedia III card and Pro Tools 6.2.3 (works with OSX 10.3.7 installed) with all manuals and Digidesign transfer of ownership sold Price lowered!

* Looking to buy a good used Mac? We'll find the computer you request, refurbish it, put software in it, upgrade the hardware to your specs, make sure it's running great and offer to you at a price you can live with. We'll also include a full 15 day hardware/45 day software warranty to go along with it!

For details on purchasing a computer from Rushing Wind Music
Terms are Cash, Cleared Funds or PayPal
All items are sold "used /as is" with no warranty expressed or implied unless otherwise noted.
We are not a music store -- I buy and sell gear as a hobby. All items are from private stock unless noted.
If you're looking for something that's not on our list, email us anyway -- we may know where to find what you're looking for.
 Last updated 5.12.06 -- price and availablity subject to change without notice
Free Classified Ads from Bravenet.com
Fuchs Audio Technology Guitar Amplifiers
Amp Heads for Guitar

I've used primarily Mesa Boogie amps over the years and have enjoyed a pretty good tone. Some of my major influences/guitar heroes -- Robben Ford and Larry Carlton have also been known to use Boogie. While Ford and Carlton are known for their incredible tone -- not everyone knows the secret of that tone has been an amp called the "Dumble" by Howard Dumble -- not the Mesa Boogie.The thing about a Dumble today is -- you can't get one. $5,000 deposit and a five year wait is the average. In the meantime, a guy by the name of Andy Fuchs began making custom amps from his shop up in New Jersey. In a short amount of time, the Fuchs amps have become known for having "THAT sound." Many people feel these amps are as good if not better than a Dumble (Andy has some features that take his over the top) -- they cost much less and you can get one in a reasonable amount of time (my wait was less than 2 weeks).Andy Fuchs has made a Blue-Ribbon Amp for anyone who wants to get the tone of their dreams. Your wait is over... Get one! I did!

Coming soon: I will have MP3 samples available from my upcoming album that will feature the Fuchs amp -- check back in a couple weeks.

TO ORDER: For MORE DETAILS: Visit the Fuchs Amps Page
Focusrite ISA 220 -- analog preamp w/optional Digital Converter card installed

Purchased earlier this year, this complete channel strip looks, works and sound excellent! It is in like new condition. Features include a mono-preamp, compressor/limiter and fully parametric eq plus a second converter input so you can convert a signal from another preamp at the same time without having to buy another digital interface card. If you like a Neve type tone, this is the preamp for you. Awesome vintage color, yet very detailed and precise.Comes with the optional digital card . If I could afford to keep lots of different options around, this one would stay for sure!Read all about it here: http://www.focusrite.com/productdetails.asp?id=35&iRange=2

List price is $1995. + $525.00 for the I/0 card. Sweetwater sells the unit for $1495 + $479 for the card = $1974.00

Buy this one, like new for $1500.00


 TO ORDER: Email me
   To Order:
Roland D-50

The D-50's reputation speaks for itself.Comes with a nice wooden case and 3 soundcartridges.


Gibson Les Paul Standard (Faded Edition) 2005 model

Beautiful AA Flamed Maple top on this Honey Burst standard. If you can't tell by the photo -- she's gorgeous! Listen to the tone before you plug it in -- it has a sweet ring to it. We've added a pro set up job and this thing plays like a dream too, low action without a buzz. Burstbucker pickups, Rosewood fretboard and a 60's slim taper neck - my personal favorite, plays fast and effortlessly. This is brand new. It was given as a gift, but I already have a similar setup with a Rosewood neck, so I'm going to let this one go. Gibson case included.


Retails for $3018.00

TO ORDER: Email me

Need specs or more info on this model? http://www.gibson.com/Products/GibsonElectric/Gibson Electric Guitars/LesPaul/Standards/Standard (1)/

Compare with new ones at Sweetwater.com:http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LP6FHBNH

Danelectro Psycho Flange

Nice Thick Flange

$70.00 TO ORDER: Email me
Danelectro Shift Daddy

Echo-Pitch Shifter

$55.00 Reduced $50.00 TO ORDER: Email me
Taylor 814-CE-L1 Click for full size imageClick for full size imageClick for full size imageClick for full size image

2003 814ce-L1 Brazilian Rosewood Fall Limited Edition series guitar. List price to get a stock one is $6000. and the Limited Edition is more valuable. They only do these in limited runs (about 400) and they do not repeat them. This is a rare and wonderful instrument! One owner, came straight from the factory, never in a store. Played and cared for by a professional musician who does not play in smokey venues.

$3350.00 obo

 TO ORDER: Email me
Taylor 814-CE-L10 Click for full size imageClick for full size imageClick here for full size image

Up for sale is an awesome acoustic guitar one of about 400 made.
From the 2005 Fall Limited Edition Series, the 814ce-L10.
Bought brand new, straight from the factory in Dec. 2005.

Includes Case, expression system with cable and all docs.
This one was hand picked and it is amazing.
Cocobolo back and sides, spruce top.

This has a few signs of moderate usage (it was owned by a professional player), but you really have to get it in the light to see anything wrong with it.
It looks almost like brand new.
Beautiful inlays and wood binding.
The tone is brilliant and full and it sounds incredible through a sound system also.

Since it's such a young guitar, the tone is still developing and it just keeps getting sweeter.
I have a collection of Taylors and I'm forced to let this one good to make more room in my salary cap -- this will be like losing one of my star players.

Get it quick before I change my mind! The Fall Limited Editions are one of a kind guitars -- they'll never make a model like this ever again. $3350.00 Beautiful Cocobolo with a Sitka Spruce top. This one is exceptional!! Taylor 814CE-L10

*  1 3/4" wide nut
*  flamed maple bound ebony fingerboard
*  pearl 800 series fingerboard inlays
*  gold plated Taylor tuners with ebony buttons
*  25 1/2" scale length
*  16" lower bout dimension
*  premium Cocobolo back & sides
*  master grade Sitka top
*  flamed maple body binding
*  abalone soundhole rosette
*  Expression System
*  deluxe hardshell case


 TO ORDER: Email me
Washburn C64-CE

(nylon string guitar)This has the full electronics control on the side. The back is beautiful! Nice warm toned instrument. XLR/Mic or 1/4" outputs built in. Comes with a top quality case that adds a lot of $$ value to what you're getting.

$350 with case TO ORDER: Email me
B.C. Rich Ironbird Electric Guitar - SOLD

SOLD - (Platinum Series) This guitar really suprised me. I was amazed at how well it played and how great it sounds. It is in 'almost new' condition- no buckle or pick scratches. It still has the protective coating on the plastic and on the back of the tuning machines. It's a "like new" guitar. This guitar is excellent and you'll love it!

Body Material Chesswood (ebony-black finish)
Neck Bolt-on w/ plate
Neck Material Hard Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Fretwire Jumbo
Fret Number 24
Scale 25.5"
Inlay Dot
Headstock Style Pointed
Hardware Chrome
Tuners Sealed Diecast BC Rich
Pickups 2 BDSM Humbuckers
Bridge Type Adjustable w/ String-Thru Body Piercing

Blue Anvil-Style Rack


Reduced $60

TO ORDER:Email me

Grey Anvil-Style Rack


Reduced $50

TO ORDER: Email me
Currently Sold Out
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