Michael Lewis Music

"Michael, such tasty stuff. Killer tone. Nice Feel. Magical Music!"

Joyce Cooling
Narada Records

"Your song Sweeter Love was very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when
sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers."
Josh Zandman - Song & Film

"Michael Lewis is a gifted musician and an artist to watch... He's got his finger on the pulse of the smooth jazz market. Great playing and good production make his projects among the best I've heard."
Ed Kee - Director of A&R
Brentwood Jazz

"Michael Lewis is one of the finest jazz guitarists I have heard."

John Michael Talbot
Word Records Artist
formerly with Warner Bros. Records as a member the Mason Proffit band

"Michael has incredible musical and production talents...."
Thom Price, EWTN Global Radio, Birmingham, AL

"Michael Lewis is one of the smoothest guitar players we've ever heard."
Dudley Smith, President
ICM Records Group


"Michael Lewis' album "A Very Cool Christmas" is a joy to listen to, both for its content and musicianship.

Ed Alves - Taylor Guitars
Vice President of Marketing
"I received your "Very Cool Christmas" CD ­ it's fantastic! I ran this CD "up front" (as one of the first couple of songs on the show) every week until the week after New Year's. It's still on my playlist ­ I can't get enough of it! I think I will be playing Early Christmas Morning year round... Man, you've got flavor!!!"

Michael Canaan - L.O.G. Communications, Charlotte, NC

Michael's Christmas Album is fabulous!!!!!!!!!
Rosemary Tomy - Tucson, AZ

"Michael Lewis is one of the smoothest guitar players we've ever heard."

Dudley Smith, President,
ICM Records

"What a delightful surprise to find your recording "River of God" for sale at a local bookstore. I listened to about 30 seconds of a demo and quickly bought it."

Gordon & Pamela Anderson
Portland, OR

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The View from Here is Cool
"Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages to reaffirm the joy of living."
Bernhard Tieff
"Cool is the word my man! Excellent production and sterling vocals drive this hook laden pop tune destined to be a classic. Very accessable and likeable sound to the vocalist's voice. Very tight drums and guitar work as well. Tasty track indeed! Kudos!"
Aaron David Bradley
"Good production, good music, original sound, excellent vocals (Reminds me a little of Richard Marx), also good theme and lyrics....An overall pro piece of material!"
Michael McGee
"This track has a great feel to it. A really tight rhythm section, cool vocals and Michael's distinctive guitar. Have a listen.....I can vouch that the rest of the CD that he has available is hot too."
Brian Ralston – Sydney, Australia

The Sun Still Shines
"Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar, & I must say, this is one of the sweetest, most groovin', jazz/blues tunes I've listened to in 2005. SUPERB... this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!"
Dick Metcalf – Olympia, WA
"Another jazzy uplifting tune from a very talented artist. Kind of a Pat Metheny feel to the guitar work here. I guess I'll have to buy the CD won't I? Great job!"
Brian Ralston – Sydney, Australia
"Superb production, just superb! Excellent vocal tracks, steady groove, top-notch musicianship and a provocative message of truth. Listen up people, here's a diamond in the rough."
Texas Jeff
"Man is this not only a great song but the sound of this track is just so perfect. Nice chorus on this song and the singing is beautiful. This is some really good feel music that the world needs more of. And then that sax comes in and the goosepipples just run all over your body. The guitar playing and the sound you get is really sweet and heavenly. This is an artist whose future is bright and it's already shining like a new star."
Guy Michetti – New York City

Inside the Scone
"I absolutely love the Bass-to-the-limit and all the use of effects. This is an "easy" Jazz-Rock piece, with a wonderful blend of lofi and brilliant elements. First class guitar passion. One of those Instrumentals I need to brighten my day!"
"Call it jazz, call it fusion, call it funk – call it what you like – this is sensational. Absolutely exquisite guitar playing. Magnificent tone and slippery runs all done with passion and beauty. 4x Highly recommended."
Brian Ralston – Sydney, Australia
"Another really great song. Your playing is fantastic. The 335 has such a killer tone. Really funky for smooth jazz."
Daniel Lombardi
This sounds like it was sent directly here from a fancy FM station. Oooh.
Loren Risker

Early Christmas Morning
"BEAUTIFUL TRACK!!!!! Wow, great Smooth Jazz track with great playing, mix and production."
DiCarlo – Berlin, Germany
"You play some of the best jazz guitar on the planet (straight up)! Great composition (haven't heard anything from you I don't like)! Pro mix and production (what else)!"

Desert Extremes
"This is excellent! Loving the bass sound (sounds like a fretless or a double bass) and some of the runs on the guitar are just awesome. Nice melodic playing and a laid back feel. Brilliant!"
Zander Blair

"Michael Lewis is an extraordinarily talented musician. Not only is he a technical wizard in production, but he is a powerful presence in concert..."

Dan O'Neill
Founder, Mercy Corps International
Entertainer Pat Boone's Son-in-law

"Michael Lewis is a tremendously gifted musician..."

Jerry Usher – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
San Diego, CA

"I saw you perform in Memphis and was impressed. I bought a couple of your CDs, my family and I are enjoying listening to you. We just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work and let you know that you have at least nine new fans out there."
Don Brewer - Memphis, TN

"Michael brought his great gift for playing the jazz guitar... The music was fantastic!"
Chuck & Barb Matzker
Colorado Springs, CO

"We had the pleasure of having Michael Lewis and his group with us... What a delightful performance!"
Bob Longan - Medford, OR

"Thank you for your wonderful music! We so enjoyed listening to you."
Heather Bonner - Merrimack, NH

I was at your concert this past Wednesday. I'm still talking about it and it's Friday. Your music is so refreshing, (coming from a jazz genre.) I was blown away!"
Jean PomanowskiNew Monmouth, NJ

I attended your concert in Wheeling and I was simply blown away!"
Laura GrulberWheeling, WV

"Michael Lewis is not only a fine musician with a quality of being able to appeal to all ages, but he is of fine character as well. His offstage moments speak loudly of his love and concern for his fellow man."
Colleen Quirk - Klamath Falls, OR

"We were privileged to hear you perform several years ago... Thanks again for your wonderful music... We're still playing your albums and enjoying them immensely."
Michael & Teresa Drollman
Kirkland, WA

"I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed the two albums I bought at one of your concerts last summer."

Dixie Miles - Aberdeen, WA

"Michael, I've been playing your CD in my office all day and can't stop playing it! Everytime it stops, I tell myself that I'll only play it one more time... then I keep playing it over and over! Finally had to come over and buy a couple more of your albums to give me a little more variety... The feedback we've gotten from your concert is wonderful. EVERYONE we've talked to absolutely loved your performance."

Cheryl Whalen - Brewer, ME

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your music... "
Rebecca MoakRichland, WA

"Thank you for such a great performance..."
Steve Van Dyke New Jersey

"Your music is played from the heart.
You were uplifting and inspirational."
Concert AttendeeNew York

"Your playing style comes from your heart and that is what makes it so special!"
Jim Elliott, Guitarist - Kentucky
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